New Generation Fleet and HSSE Management System

Instant Audible Warning

We warn the driver audibly against unexpected risks during the journey.

Road Risk Management

Unlike Last Second Solutions, which do not prevent accidents; We focus on real-time road risks and accident prevention measures.

Real Time Reporting

Real-time reports shed light on the future of your company.

logistics company

Manage Your Road Risk and Increase Your Profitability

We have the flexible and proffesional team membership are the excellent developer passionate about their logistics and accident risks.

Traffic Accidents

9 People Die Everyday From Distracted Driving (3,142 People Died Because of Distracted Driving in 2020)

A Direct Effect On Employer Crash Costs

DISTRACTED DRIVING - ( $18.8 BILLION) 26,081 USD per Crash / 78,418 USD per Injury

The Cost Of A Crash By Severity

A fatal crash is 10X more costly on average than a non-fatal injury, which is 14X more costly on average than a property damage only (PDO) crash.


Enjoy Managing Your Workflows with a Seamless Experience

With the use of MuaVin; Driver, Planning, HSSE and Maintenance departments are digitized and integrated. Departments communicate with each other through visually supported reports, e-mails, instant messages and photographs.

Real Time Reporting
Vehicle Agenda