How Does Mua.Vin Contribute to Your Fleet?

How do new transportation models, which are emerging day by day, affect the traffic?


We see an incredible increase in trade volume and logistics speed around the world with each passing day. Geographical conditions, weather conditions and currents affecting business life; causes deterioration to supply chains. While air transport carries out the transfers of individuals intensively, it mediates the transport of rare products.

Sea freight is great for shipping high volumes of goods and raw materials overseas. However, at this point, the trade agreements between the countries and the possible congestion in the ports slow down the traffic and transport.

Road transport is like the veins in the human body in this great ecosystem. All over the world, lorries, trucks, vans and even motorcycles are solving logistical problems and make transports.

For this reason alone, Mua.Vin is the most common solution in this field, to problems which puts human life at risk; It is a new generation protection shield.



Travels by air and sea are less likely to harm people in social life. In road transport there are different variables such as the physical conditions of the road, the extent of technical wear of the vehicles in the fleet and the fatigue of the driver.

Production quality and volume, which is rapidly advancing with Industry 4.0 makes Logistics 4.0 as a mandatory.

Competition is increasing day by day with traffic, crowded cities and shortening of product deadlines. This causes the vehicles in the fleet to wear out faster. Stopover violations, route violations and instantaneous changes in road conditions can pose a risk to all fleet vehicles and drivers.

Mua.Vin manages to solve all this problem with a simple use. Along with Digital Transformation, it started to improve the process management and productivity conditions of companies.

What is Mua.Vin?

Are you ready to perfect your whole logistics process with a complete and total process management-based solution?

Mua.Vin is an IoT (Internet of Things) solution that forms the basis of Industry 4.0 applications.

It integrates your logistics processes into Industry 4.0 with digital transformation.

In areas such as dangerous goods transportation; the route, the equipment health of the vehicle and the professionalism of the driver works together. Errors in any of these steps causes both loss of life and property and result in legal problems. Identifying, tracking and improving responsibilities in the logistics industry often takes a long time.

Mua.Vin ensures and ticks all the checks all the controls that must be completed before the journey are carried out independently of the human factor.

Check-list filled digitally before any departure instantly transmitted to the operation center as data and visuals. And it offers simultaneous reporting for every vehicle, every journey, everytime.

In addition to the factors determined before the trip, the driver may need to be warned during the trip.


For example let’s assume that the road physical conditions are ideal on your normal route. However, there may be a risk on the road due to weather conditions, such as landslide, etc.

This information is transmitted to the operation center with the Mua.Vin application. The operations center can immediately transmit a message to all vehicles in the fleet., who transmits such messages to the driver by voice allows you to minimize the possible risks in the journey as a result.

At the same time, delays, violations and disruption of vehicle maintenance times at the entire fleet level creates inefficiency in total process. These reports, which are generally handled at an annual level; maybe will give an idea for next year. However, since the reporting and analysis process will also depend on the human factor, process management and efficiency may suffer as well.

Mua.Vin minimizes the workload created by all these steps. In this way, it also reduces the margin of error to a minimum. It instantly reports and warns the driver of all violations for every vehicle, every trip made, everytime. It is an automated checklist.

The maintenance of the vehicles using Mua.Vin is not interrupted, possible malfunctions are detected before the trip and precautions can be made this way.

As a result; Mua.Vin guides you for a safer journey, a healthy fleet and excellent customer experiences.

How Does Mua.Vin Work?

We would like to share a video for how Mua.Vin works. This will give you a good idea.

Mua.Vin’s Revolutionary Functions:

1-) Mua.Vin fleet management; operates within the same principle of “Air Traffic Control Center” in aviation.

2-) In-vehicle audio warning mechanism; works like the Co-Pilot system in rally races and thus instantly warns the driver.

3-) Mua.Vin, while reducing the risk of accidents with it’s holistic benefits, also simultaneously enables the company to save on traffic insurance and motor insurance fees. It optimizes each stage and improves efficiency at the maximum level in total process.

4-) Violations of the vehicle’s route risk both the driver’s life safety and may also pose a risk to the quantity and quality of the products transported. Mua.Vin notifies the operations center with instant notifications if the vehicle stops in an undefined place due to route violations.

With instant notification and reporting capability Mua.Vin allows you to maximize the health and success rate of your logistics operations.

5-) Mua.Vin may facilitate to answer some questions in ISO39001 and SQAS questionnaires during certification process.

Mua.Vin works on a tablet to be installed in the vehicle. It’s software offers a digital check-list for pre-trip checks. If the steps here are not confirmed and done, it will not allow the start of the journey. As soon as the check-list is filled, the data is transmitted to the operations center.



It checks the driver’s legal and health steps such as fatigue, insomnia, alcoholism etc. Once all the checks are confirmed the journey may begin. And it contributes to the success of the driver with audible warnings along the entire route. To keep everything in check.

Master Driver Application

Thanks to this application working alongside Mua.Vin, your company takes a step towards digital transformation in creating routes and recording road safety conditions.

Drivers on the go can also enter data by voice. For example an unexpected crossroad has occurred on the road and if the driver needs to pass there, it is sufficient enough to just click on the tablet and tell the situation and record.

Simultaneously with the journey; you can save all the details on the route. This allows you to easily and safely create routes of vehicles in the entire fleet.

Start transforming the ordinary operations of your fleet to extraordinary ones easily with Mua.Vin.

If you dream of bringing your fleet and company to perfect efficiency we can inform you about everything by scheduling a meeting.

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