Reduce Potential Risks in the Transport of Dangerous Goods

Reduce Potential Risks in the Transport of Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods transportation serves the transportation of various chemicals and radioactive materials, especially energy, all over the world. Dangerous goods transportation is one of the critical logistics services for the continuity of production and social life in the natural flow of life. Disruptions and security problems that may occur here negatively affect the workflow of the sectors. At the same time, possible damage, accident or explosion possibilities adversely affect driver health and public health.

Fuel transportation, on the other hand, means that tens of thousands of fuel tankers that are in constant transfer are circulating on the highways. At a certain moment of daily life, vehicles carrying fuel can be found at thousands of points, from any street of metropolitan cities to distant settlements. The realization of these logistics activities; It is related to the success of the fuel, chemical or radioactive material transportation operations that are necessary for the continuity of the society. Accidents and safety problems that occur as a result of possible disruptions do not only affect the work flow of the industry. At the same time, with the damage it will cause may adversely affect the health of the community and other living things in the region, especially the driver and the company.


On the one hand, the ever-increasing need for price performance in all logistics sectors triggers competition. The cost of delayed delivery times, route violations, overlooked details in vehicle maintenance reduce operational efficiency. In addition, the risks that a tired driver may pose will increase with the momentary changing physical conditions of the road. However, the expectation of safe and undamaged delivery, which does not accept the slightest additional error, necessitates perfection.

Every successful logistics company is not only on national highways; also feels obliged to adapt to a new business model in international road transport.

This brings great financial and moral responsibility, especially to companies carrying dangerous goods.

For these reasons, dangerous goods transportation is not only controlled by laws. Simultaneously, it is strictly audited by the auditor institutions established by the public and private sectors.

Have You Started The Digital Transformation In The Transportation Of Dangerous Goods?

Training of drivers in dangerous goods transportation and fuel transportation operations, insurance and technical maintenance follow-up of the vehicles in the fleet are among the prerequisites. At this point, a trained team equipped with tools that meet all the requirements of dangerous goods transportation are the basic building blocks of success.

However, in the age of Industry 4.0, problems in supply chains and increasing competition; Will your company be able to integrate the classic operating model it has now into innovations that are likely to happen in 10 years?

We know you need more than just hoping things go well at this point.

Digital Transformation in Dangerous Goods Transportation and Mua.Vin

Mua.Vin; It is a Logistics 4.0 software that digitizes HSE-G. Optimizes your workflow and operational efficiency with fully online and push notifications. It carries out pre-driving checks (check-list) online and informs the operation center with instant reporting.

At the same time, it contributes to the safety and quality of the journey at a high level with audible warnings during the driving along the route.

It transmits all the details needed such as unexpected situation or changing weather conditions during the journey to the operation center through instant notifications.

You can check out this article to learn about how Mua.Vin Software works and its next-generation benefits.


In this article, we will examine Mua.Vin’s contributions to the operations center and fleet in the field of dangerous goods transportation. The data here; this software, which works in theory; reflects the one-to-one benefit it creates at the time of use in the field.

1-) Mua.Vin; It is an IoT solution that can work with a tablet that only attaches to the vehicle and is easy to install and use. It is therefore easy to use and get used to in vehicles in the fleet.

2-) Mua.Vin; has moved check-lists entirely online. While checking the performance of the driver one-to-one throughout the journey, if any suggestions are required, it is done instantly with voice guidance.

3-) Mua.Vin; it is not a software that follows the route of vehicles and is used to detect past problems!

Its main task and goal; to start the journey by improving all negligence and violations that may occur during the journey. At this point, it sends instant notifications to the operations center about the pre-trip controls and variables at the time of the trip, and all of this data is simultaneously converted into a report in your panel. In this way, if the operation center needs it, it can send instant information to other vehicles on the road.

Since the driver constantly updates detailed information such as Scores, it allows you to control the safety and performance of your fleet at a high level.

4-) Mua.Vin enables you to reduce future and potential risks with its holistic operation. For example; Doing your due diligence after the accident has happened may not help you. This painful accident experience; will bring about the loss of life and property and legal responsibilities. Of course, it can also negatively affect customer satisfaction and company reputation.

Mua.Vin provides a workflow for you to reduce controllable risks at this point independently of human errors.

5-) The operation center manages safety and quality for a logistics company. Mua.Vin; It allows the operations center to easily manage a lot of variables that need to be taken care of, with the right information from the fleet. Push notifications from every vehicle and every route in the fleet are converted into simultaneous reports in the operations center. And here, the software informs the Operations center instantly, sends voice messages to the driver during the journey, and constantly updates the drivers scores.

As a resulf:

Mua.Vin doesn’t just align your fleet management with Logistics 4.0. At the same time, it contributes to the transformation of your company in terms of process management and efficiency.

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